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What Did Anna Wintour Really Think of Raf Simons’ Dior Debut?

Anna WintourEveryone with an ISP, social media account, and passing interest in fashion has already weighed in on Raf Simons' Dior debut at Paris Couture Week. Like every conversation on the Internet, the responses ranged from "eeeee!" to "hmmm…" to "meh" to "ngwioganbnjgbanrkjgjk!?!?!" Reactions did lean toward the favorable, especially from establishment industry types, but there were more than a couple naysayers.

Everyone on the Internet may have a voice, but the ones that count the most are heard offline, too. Major critics like Cathy Horyn get oodles of column inches to gush or gripe as they please; top designers grant frequent interviews, and are also more than happy to log on to a Twitter account and say some stuff — but editors' opinions are sometimes the hardest to suss out. These tastemakers tend to weigh in on collections via a more circuitous route, by spotlighting certain pieces and collections, and then omitting others in their publications' glossy pages.

And even though I guess it would be nice to hear Paris Vogue's Emmanuelle Alt comment on the Simons Dior collection, Anna Wintour's opinion is really the one we've been waiting for. Her authority in the fashion industry is unparalleled: she is the head honcho, the supreme leader, both the queen bee and the bee's knees, the big enchilada, and on and on it goes. Any debate we were having about the recent Dior collection can finally come to a close, because the bebobbed boss has given her official verdict:

He’s a rock star in his own right…He brought a lightness and simplicity to it that I thought was incredibly refreshing. Nice clothes are fine, but you can find nice clothes everywhere. What Raf brings is a point of view…From what we saw I think [appointing Simons as creative director at Dior] was a brilliant choice.

And so we've reached the end of another chapter. Onward to some new controversy!

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