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Naomi Campbell is Looking for THE FACE

The Face

Image courtesy of Oxygen Media

Naomi Campbell is getting into the field long dominated by her longtime nemesis: yes, the 90s supermodel thinks it's a cool idea to extend her decades-long feud with Tyra Banks by hosting a rival reality modeling competition. I actually think it's pretty ruthless and insane for Naomi to make such a provocative move — it would have set a better example for the two women to work together than be once again at odds — but this is clearly going to be extremely entertaining.

If you'd like to be in the thick of the action, you'll be interested to know that the show is holding two open casting calls on July 21 (in New York) and July 28 (in Los Angeles). And if you've never aspired to be a reality TV contestant, you can still look forward to the upcoming season.

And in the meantime, amuse yourself by imagining Naomi Campbell as a giant zombie trudging towards you on a catwalk, coming to eat YOUR FACE.