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Neuw Service Store Brings the Country’s Coolest Denims to Sydney

Shopping for a new pair of jeans can be incredibly satisfying, but it can be more demoralising than trying on swimwear with your most model-esque friends at a store that only stocks sample sizes and doesn’t have fitting rooms. Neuw is trying to make it the former, and here to help is their new Oxford Street boutique dubbed Service Store.

In Neuw-land denim is something to be revered rather than feared. Co-founder and Creative Director Par Lundqvist has amassed a staggering 3000 pairs of jeans, some of which are twice as old as he is, so safe to say he knows all about which pairs are best at accentuating and disguising muffin tops and love handles. Lundqvist pulls from his own hoard and refines them with modern tailoring and cutting methods for Neuw’s seasonal collections, transforming old pairs into the brand’s popular Marilyn, Lou, Janis, and Patti styles — each one making you feel timelessly stylish and totally bad-ass at the same time.

Neuw Service Store houses the best of Neuw’s denim and streetwear, the latter of which encompasses tees, button ups, dresses, and skirts. Hung on the walls (just out of reach of grubby hands) are a collection of beautiful 200 year-old denim kimonos, original boro noragi worker denims from Lundqvist’s personal archive, as well as black and white photographs of various screen sirens and rock stars who inspire the brand.

Start feeling good about jeans shopping.