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Think You’ll Be Able to Resist Jason Wu’s New Younger Line ‘Miss Wu?’

If you're young, not so dumb, and full of fun, Jason Wu thinks you should be shopping more of his designs. The man is probably right! The Taiwan-born designer's been having a fine old time of a career ever since he won the Fashion Group International's Rising Star Award in 2008, just two years out of college. He also earned a Vogue Fashion Fund nomination, but his career wasn't truly signed, sealed, and delivered until Michelle Obama wore one of his gowns to the Inauguration Ball in early 2009. (Woah, good moment for a see-how-far-you've-come flashback! Just try and remember where you were that night, and next recall all the things that happened between then and now.)

Well, anyway. Jason Wu: he's no longer just for First Ladies. The young designer is going even younger, and launching a new collection exclusively at Nordstrom for cute, cool, downtown-y girls. Like you, of course! (You're so pretty! Have I ever told you that you're just so, so pretty? If you were any prettier it would be like, dangerous, because I'd petition to have you exiled from Earth.)

The line's called Miss Wu, after his brand's lady owl mascot, and it's not just a lower-priced version of his primary collection: “Instead of just doing ‘Jason Wu-for-less,’ the idea is to explore the other side of myself. I always see Jason Wu [the collection] as my aesthetic, my design sensibility. Miss Wu is my personality. It was really fun to explore that facet of who I am — slightly more downtown, and with a more relaxed attitude.” Get it? You can tell that Miss Wu is a totally chill, fun girl but with a lot of class because she always wears a hat. Also, she can't possibly be that chill, because her top costs $195 and her leather jacket costs $795. Chill girls don't buy great clothes — they're born wearing them. 

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