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A Conversation With the Fabric False Eyelashes in Karl Lagerfeld’s Shu Uemura Collection

Full details about Karl Lagerfeld's much-awaited holiday collaboration with Japanese beauty brand Shu Uemura are finally up online. The Kaiser's collection includes a wide range of items, from accessories (an artisan-crafted makeup box retails for about $367) to makeup brushes (a set costs approximately $60) to makeup remover (for a happy $105) to actual shadows and varnishes and lipsticks (from $27 for nailpolish to $84 for a eyeshadow palette).

Oh, also: there are two sets of false eyelashes. One set is made out of red-and-black fabric and costs a healthy $68. They're pictured above. Photographed, the eyelashes look so creepy and disturbing and out-of-this-world, I just had to know more about this one-of-a-kind face fringe:

TFS: You're actually pretty cool.

Fabric False Eyelashes: *flutter flutter flutter flutter*

But so expensive! What kind of terrible person would spend $68 before tax on a wacky eyelash accessory you can only really wear one time?

*flutter flutter flutter flutter*

Could anyone really pull you off without the help of a makeup artist?


I knew it. You're just a clever concept product with next to zero potential for real-life application.


I can't even talk to you.


[via WWD]