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This Neiman Marcus x Target Collab Video Makes Me Want to Speed Up Time

My favorite thing to say about mass retail and designer collaborations is: they happen all the time and tend to be way over-hyped. I'm a broken record.

It's not actually fun to be jaded, but it is fun to be wide-eyed and full of heart. Enter the recently announced Target and Neiman Marcus Holiday 24 Collection, which will include over fifty pieces by twenty-four CFDA designers and will be available across stores all over America and could be distinctly awesome. As far as I know, we haven't really seen this before: neither a collaboration which includes work by so many talented American designers, all at different levels of their careers nor one between two markedly different stores or category-competing brands. Combining Neiman Marcus' attention to quality, Target's marketing savvy and sense of value, and a bunch of people that know better than anyone else how to make nice-looking, functional stuff will likely result in nothing less than modern-day fashion alchemy.

Am I overselling? Possibly. But if we have to talk about retail promotions as "events" or even "extravaganzas," at least someone's finally trying to do something new. Also, today Target and Neiman Marcus released a teaser video for the upcoming line. If you want to understand why I'm gushing so hard, watch it: