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Harper’s Bazaar Australia and Ukraine Cut Corners on Their Kate Moss Covers

Kate Moss BazaarYou can't immediately tell that Harper's Bazaar's June/July issue cover was photographed on the sandy beaches of Jamaica, but the magazine did include a twenty page editorial of Kate Moss playing in the sun and surf, shot by Terry Richardson.

When it comes to summer covers, Moss on a beach is the epitome of a can't-lose formula, and Harper's Bazaar's Australian and Ukranian counterparts probably had that in mind when they reached for American glossy's leftovers from the shoot. The US magazine got the choicest photos for its summer issue, so it's no surprise that the foreign versions' August covers look way drab by comparison.

Magazines could probably get away with this game too easily in the pre-Internet era, but today, recycling photos is just embarassing, betraying an absence of imagination and drive. But I get it: it's beautiful outside and I'm sure staffers would much rather be on the beach drinking umbrella drinks than supervising a photoshoot. And, uh, even a drab Kate Moss will move magazines on newsstands.

Kate Moss BazaarKate Moss Bazaar

Images via TFS Forums, Harper's Bazaar Ukraine's Facebook

[h/t The Telegraph]