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Karl Lagerfeld Continues to Spoil Choupette Rotten

Karl LagerfeldLook, it's really easy to lose perspective when you have a cat. No one ever thinks they're going to turn into that crazy cat lady, but the second you adopt a kitten your entire moral order shifts and your sense of restraint goes flying out the window. The next thing you know, you're changing your Facebook profile picture, telling stories about Fluffy on first dates, evaluating someone's boyfriend potential based on how well they interact with your cat, hiring three personal maids devoted to your kitten's care and well-being, bringing your cat into the cockpit with you whenever you jet to St. Tropez. It gets really intense!

And so ever since Karl Lagerfeld was gifted a furry little furball named Choupette, journalists have not stopped asking about the new pet, and the Kaiser's answers have been getting progressively more insane. First we heard that Choupette had just two dedicated personal maids, but in an interview with The Independant which went online today, Karl suggested he'd hired on an additional pair of hands. The Chanel designer needs all the help he can get caring for his cat, because after all, Choupette's delicate animal body needs to be examined by a vet once every ten days: "I don't take her. I don't want her to be furious with me."

Instead, Karl just pampers his feline friend, permitting her to sit in the cockpit with the pilot when they fly to St. Tropez because "she loves looking at the sky." Choupette is quite enamored with her generous owner, obviously: "Choupette waits for me at the front door," he says. "She doesn't like being alone. She gets moody." With three personal maids, I don't understand how Karl's little princess ever has a second to herself. Like any emerging "it" girl, Choupette is being fishbowled, and it's only a matter of time before she caves under the pressure, starts acting out, and lands in the tabloids.