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Here’s Blake Lively’s Video Spot for Gucci Premiere

Earlier this month, we got our first glimpse of Blake Lively's print campaign for the new fragrance, Gucci Premiere. It was a nice ad; people liked it. End of the story? Wish it were that easy, but there's another installment to the gripping tale of Blake's Gucci fragrance campaign: a video spot. It opens with a shot of the Gossip Girl star looking out at the city of Los Angeles from a glass balcony. She is wearing a serious gold dress that curve-hugs like no dress has ever curve-hugged before. She does a good deal of pacing around the expensive, sterile halls of her fortress and and takes a quick trip to the desert, where she visits with a giant industrial fan. She spends the rest of her time gazing at herself in the mirror, rolling her head back orgasmically as she douses her neck in Gucci Premiere.

The clip was filmed by Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn. It's a nice ad; you may like it.

[via Fashionista]