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Tyra Banks Says She Once Wanted to Quit ANTM

Tyra BanksOnce upon a time, Tyra Banks was a supermodel — full stop. Being a supermodel is a pretty big accomplishment, but Tyra's ambition was yet greater, and so she decided to produce her own television show.

America's Next Top Model is a swell show in many ways, but after nineteen seasons of campy photoshoots and utter irrelevance, only real diehards (or just me) regard it as must-watch TV. Its ratings have been declining steadily over the years, and it looks like even Tyra Banks started itching for a channel change.

The reality modeling mogul told the New York Post that she'd seriously considered quitting the show and handing the hosting reins over to someone else: “I had to be reminded that [ the show ] is my baby. A few years ago, I was willing to give my baby up for adoption!” Sweet metaphor, Ty.

Instead of putting her shoes back on and leaving the party, Tyra just kicked out all the other guests. Longtime ANTM fixtures Nigel Barker and the Jays were flat-out fired earlier this year, and replaced by Rob Evans and BryanBoy.

It sounds to me like Tyra's singing a sweet tune called, "Screw you Naomi Campbell and your new copycat reality modeling competition. I am going to put up a serious fight!"


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