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Anna Wintour to Style Sarah Jessica Parker for Glee

Sarah Jessica Parker is coming back to television to play another fashionista. The former Sex and the City star is joining Glee as a recurring character next season, and she'll be playing a editor. The actual editor of Vogue, Anna Winour, will lend her very in-demand hand to help style SJP, because there's no way the style icon would be able to pull together a believable fashion editor look all on her own. 

Parker and Wintour have a pretty lively professional relationship. SJP's been on the cover of Vogue six times over the course of her career, and the pair recently joined forces to host an Obama campaign fundraiser. And though their upcoming work together on Glee is by no means unnatural, there are some other forces at work.

Wintour's daughter, Bee Shaffer, recently took a job for Glee creator Ryan Murphy's production company, and since then, Glee and Wintour have gotten to know each other. Last year, the high school musical series entered into a promotional partnership with the Vogue editor's annual shopping holiday, Fashion's Night Out. And now Wintour is dipping her toes into some more of Glee's viewer-dense primetime water. If you think Glee and fashion's fearless leader make strange bedfellows, you're clearly not very sensitive to nepotism.

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