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Alexa Chung to Cameo on Gossip Girl’s Final Season

Alexa-ChungGossip Girl is ending, and it looks like the producers are doing their best to build up a little hubbub around the series finale.

Enter Alexa Chung, a tFS Forum favorite and a natural fit for the pop-y, fashion-conscious teen soap. The TV presenter and Vogue UK contributing editor was spotted shooting for the series' sixth season in full Gossip Girl regalia (meaning: she was wearing cute clothes, which is not a major stretch for the style icon).

Her spokesperson confirmed to Vogue.UK that Chung would be making a cameo appearance on the show, and she'd be playing herself. Cute, but the series has long made good use of cameos. I'd like to see Blake Lively do a weird meta cameo as herself, maybe by bumping into Serena Van Der Woodsen or even Dan Humphrey at a Gucci party, and having the character and the actress switcheroo as part of an ensemble scheme. The show's probably already been written, but it can't be too late to do a quick rewrite. Please!

Image via WENN,com