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Valentino Gets His Own Exhibit

We've just gotten notice that "Valentino: Master of Couture," a new exhibit dedicated to the decades-long fashion career of the iconic Italian designer, is opening at the Somerset House in London on November 29.

The exhbition will span fifty years and showcase 130 of Valentino's favorite and most famous couture creations. If you live in or near London, or will expect to find yourself in the city between November and mid-March, you can look forward to spending some quality time with both Jackie O's and Princess Marie-Chantal's wedding dresses and Julia Roberts' iconic 2001 vintage Valentino Oscars gown. 

It's always quite an accomplishment when a living designer gets to see a retrospective of their work in their own lifetime, and Valentino seems totally pumped:

"Each of these designs have a beautiful story. The atelier crafted each so diligently by hand, taking hours, sometimes days to complete. The details are incredibly intricate, though outside the runway shows and events, the dresses have rarely been seen, so to be able to showcase these designs at Somerset House, where they can be seen in great detail by the public, is very unique."

So much breathless Italian enthusiasm coming through in that run-on sentence! Also, sorry to push the new media bit on you, Valentino, but all of these intricate handmade details need to start getting Tumbled. If you want to show your hand-crafted gowns in all their glory, the Internet is here to serve.

Valentino with models, 2007 © Lorenzo Agius @

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