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Nina Garcia is Crazy Out of Touch

Nina GarciaI guess ever since financial journalists attributed a serious spike in JC Penney's stock to a tweet by Nina Garcia, the Project Runway judge and Marie Claire editor might be getting a little too cocky and careless with her Twitter endorsements. 

Yesterday afternoon, Garcia decided to give a little shoutout to the not-so-humble Birkin. Hermes is doing an auction over at Moda Operandi right now, and bags were retailing from $3,200 to $76,000 (some options have already sold out). The fashion editor couldn't understand how anyone could afford to go without a Birkin, that holiest of holies.

"This is the bag that you can spend a few weeks’ salary on and not feel guilty. It is going to last you a lifetime."

If even $3,200 seems like a lot of money for you — and for most people, it IS a lot of money! — the only proper response to Garcia's sense of spending is: LOL.

Even if we're going with the low-end figure, $3,200 may be a pretty comprehensible sum of money, but only a select few could spend that much on a handbag and still consider it a guilt-free purchase. There are many other ways normal people might want to stretch a few thousand bucks. Like, you know, paying for housing or medical care, saving up for retirement or education. I don't know: you could even use that money to feed your body and forestall death for a pretty long time. The point is, there are good reasons to shop quality and there are times and circumstance that call for a big splurge, but a $3,200 bag is aspirational, and Garcia's tweeting about it as if it's a neccessity.

Image via Flashpoint/WENN