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Half-Naked Male Models Are…Half-Naked for Interview Mag’s Grindr-Themed Editorial

Interview Magazine's Grindr-themed underwear editorial "Brief Encounters" (har har har) may or may not do a good job of showcasing the below-the-belt garment, but it's got some other things going for it.

After lanching in 2009, Grindr grew to over 1.5 million users by June of this year. The mobile app facilitates quick, convenient meetings between men, typically in order to fool around.  Even if you're not interested in using Grindr, you probably can't temper your curiosity about this sexy new 21st century sex frontier. A Grindr-themed anything is serious clickbait.

Now combine that already-compelling cultural phenomenon with something a little more evergreen: half-naked male models. Here's a list of people that are likely to look at a slideshow of very attractive boys posing in their underwear: girls, boys (of all sexual persuasions — don't kid yourselves), cats.

Is the final product actually any good? No, probably not. But that's sooooo not the point.