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Would You Get an Eyebrow Transplant?

Expensive and bizarre new beauty treatments regularly make appearances in The New York Times Style section. And even though the latest procedure to get the trend piece treatment, eyebrow transplants, is more invasive, expensive, and complicated than, say, junior high bikini waxing, I'm not horrified.

Dermatologists have developed a new way to harvest hair from anywhere on the body and transplant it onto your face to give your eyebrows a fuller, bushier shape. Finally, you can put your toe hair to good use!

The procedure costs $6,000 (the equivalent of many designer handbags) and takes about four to five hours. Everything about this screams objectionable — there's an infinite number of ways to better spend $6,000 or five hours of a day; this is just the latest expression of our sick desire to manipulate and control every aspect of our bodies in the quest to become physically perfect — but I feel strangely serene. I have a total weakness for big, messy-ish brows, and as long as women are going to be signing up for costly treatments in an attempt to outwit Mother Nature, at least they're finally following a beauty trend that doesn't make me die inside.

But, uh, if you're wealthy enough to be considering this treatment, you should still skip it and send the money to someone that needs it way more. Like the 12.8 million Americans that are unemployed.

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