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Tyra Banks’ Self-GIFS: We Don’t Really Need ‘Em

Tyra Banks has gotten into the GIF game, so if you've ever wanted to see an animated image of the America's Next Top Model host looking up at the sunset and pondering the meaning of life, this is a good day to be you.

But for the rest of us: as much as we might like seeing Banks' foolishness showcased in a clippy picture snippet, her own creations are pretty boring. There are thousands if not millions if not billions of Tyra Banks GIFs that already exist online. The meme genre has been around since at least October 28th, 2005, when the insanely popular ANTM recapper and celebrated Tyra GIF-maker/pioneer Rich Juzwiak posted his very first Tyra GIF.

These Tyra-centric moving pictures are so funny because the former supermodel is way too self-aggrandizing and unintentionally comic. You get some of the comedy in her GIF self-portraits, but she's going to need someone outside help to truly make the most out of her new Internet project. We're going to have to invent some sort of meta GIF commentary. Like, uh … captions?

Image via Tyra Banks'

[h/t Buzzfeed]