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Jonathan Saunders Teams Up With a New E-Commerce Platform

In this day and age our entire lives are online — we socialize on Facebook and window-shop on Pinterest — so it’s only natural that we demand more from our fashion retailers. Not only do we want to shop online, but we also want to share these shopping experiences with friends, as if we were on a real brick and mortar shopping trip.

Luckily for us, the creation of the online platform Motilo has made our dreams a reality. Here, friends from different parts of the world can browse garments, create a style, and even purchase the items together. Could this genius idea get any better? Well, apparently it can. Today, it was exclusively revealed that Scottish born fashion designer Jonathan Saunders has teamed up with the platform, whereby we will not only be able to view live streams of his catwalk shows, but also be presented with the opportunity to pre-order selected items from the collection too. Join the virtual online queue now.

Jonathan Saunders

Images via WENN

London Fashion Week gets Digital

If we remember rightly, Motilo aren’t the only ones who have recognized our desire for a digital Fashion Week experience. Last Fashion Week, Topshop also created QR codes for customers to scan and watch behind the scenes footage. Plus, London Fashion Week itself has now got a digital section, with digital screenings taking place throughout London. Meaning that you don’t have to work directly within in the fashion industry to feel like you’re part of the action.

Discover Style Cloud

This week TFS also stumbled upon Style Cloud, an online wardrobe site. The platform allows you to photograph and upload pictures of your real life wardrobe, share them with friends, and get their advice about what you should wear. It’s definitely a must for those days when you really can’t afford a new outfit and can’t bring yourself to wear something which you’ve already worn a million times.