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Don’t Worry: Carine Roitfeld Has Not Gotten Over Lara Stone

The launch of Carine Roitfeld's new publication, CR Fashion Book, is going to happen sooner than soon and to get you salivating, the former French Vogue editor has just released another teaser GIF. Anyone that was worried about the rumors floating around earlier this month concerning Kate Upton's status as Roitfeld's "new Lara Stone" can take a really deep, relaxing breath. Whether or not the Sports Illustrated model makes an appearance in the upcoming publication, Roitfeld is hardly on the market for a new Lara Stone.

The Dutch supermodel is featured front and center on the CR Fashion Book website. Styled in a cozy white angel sweater, don't-call-them-Victoria's-Secret-angel-wings angel wings, and crimped hair, she gazes ethereally into the distance as feathers trip (thanks to some very bad GIF animation) towards the heavens ceiling around her. Lara Stone looks … like she should wash that crimpiness out of her hair and loan me her sweater.

[via CR Fashion Book]