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I Don’t Think Peggy Olsen Would Ever Dye Her Hair Blonde

Elisabeth MossHey look! Elisabeth Moss, who plays Peggy Olsen on Mad Men, decided to "do a Miley" & cut her hair & gloss it up & dye it blonde. Her hair is now short & glossy & blonde!

The actress showed up to the New York premiere of For A Good Time, Call... with her brand new 'do safely stashed on top of her head, where she wouldn't lose it. People with business cards which read "photographer" took her picture with their cameras and then sent them to photo agencies around the world. Upon recieving the pictures of Elisabeth Moss' new hair, the agencies uploaded the images to their server and indexed them to their subscriber library. Then, subscribers downloaded the photos of Elisabeth Moss and her new haircut to their computers before reposting the pictures to various media outlets and social networks. And thus, some buzz was born.

People really freak out when celebrities cut and/or dye their hair for reasons I don't fully understand but I think it has something to do with sexism and capitalism, duh.

For the record, Moss looks too cute but there is no way in Helsinski that this is ever going to be a Peggy Olsen-approved 'do.

Image via Dan Jackman/