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What Does Rachel Zoe Love More Than Fashion?

Harper's Bazaar editor Lauren Brown popped in to Rachel Zoe's Los Angeles home so that the two women could talk about how long they've know each other (for soooo loooonnnng) on camera for eight minutes, because that's a really interesting conversation to have.

No, but actually: both women came across as charming and likeable, I just resent the length of the clip. The single best thing about capturing real life on film (err, via digital means) is that you can cut out all the boring parts. This video could have (and should have!) been whittled down to half the length.

But still, you might as well watch it because it offers a glimpse of Zoe as you've never known her: the stylist finally confesses to having priorities above fashion. "I don't want to disappoint people," she says as if she knows that what follows will not disappoint people at all, "but since I had my son, he surpassed that love [for fashion]." The horror!