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Sh*t P’Trique Says When He’s Shooting an ANTM Promo Video with Tyra Banks

P'Trique is a bearded, larger-than-life man who got famous by doing several "totes amaze" imitations of a superficial fashion girl on YouTube.

Tyra Banks is a former supermodel who got famous for "smizing" in photographs and walking in runway shows and stayed famous by creating her own reality television show called America's Next Top Model.

America's Next Top Model pretends to be a modeling competition, but is closer in nature to a circus. It's been on the air for eighteen seasons, despite having never actually produced a contestant or season winner that lived up to the series' name.

And when you mash them all together, you get mush.

At this point, anything P'Trique does will go viral, so kudos to Tyra for delivering on some of the new and improved social media integration she's promised will dominate the upcoming 19th season of ANTM. But unfortunately, the video itself is lame. Tyra isn't nearly as good of an actress or comic as her co-star, and watching her is a little embarassing. The creative team seems too polite to poke fun at Tyra's cluelessness and her spaziness, but this could have been a glorious send-up of ANTM. Instead, it's a maje missed opportunity.