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Form Meets Function in Zambesi’s Stellar Debut Eyewear Collection

Karen Walker started the rumours and Zambesi have confirmed them: Kiwi designers have an innate sense of what constitutes a mad cool pair of sunnies. As one of New Zealand’s most iconic and innovative luxury fashion brands, it’s a surprise that Zambesi has never considered tackling eyewear in the past, but this is probably one of those times when you’re supposed to take the adage “good things are worth waiting for” and just roll with it.

Zambesi’s debut eyewear collection is, obviously, a good thing. Their signature moody, cutting-edge aesthetic has been channeled into six unisex frame styles, three for the sun and three optical, each reimagining a classic style. The Jetson is like a rounder, slightly more angular version of the much-loved wayfarer, while the Aeronaut’s thinned-out frames prove that sometimes less is indeed more. But the best part of the six-piece collection is without a doubt the mismatched lenses, available in icy cool lunar tones in the Jetson frames or striking grey and yellow in the Space Cadet (the names alone are evidence these sunnies are not of this world).

Each pair of shades is handmade in Japan using a painstaking ‘tumbling’ process that can take up to five months to perfect. The premium Japanese Acetate must develop for six weeks in order to achieve that extra shiny, long-lasting luster, before the pieces are fitted with organic Japanese compound resin lenses that have been hand-dyed for crystal clear vision.

Check out the entire campaign on the Zambesi store website and see if you can resist clicking “Add to Cart”.