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The CR Fashion Book Gets a Video Trailer

The leaves are drying and summer's dying BUT before you curl up into a ball and climb into bed to mourn the season and brace yourself for the upcoming winter, just wait one second: September is no July, but it's not bupkis. Plenty of people prefer autumnal layers to summer sundresses, but when I say I'm looking forward to September, I'm not talking about cardigans.

In the next few weeks, we're going to be treated to two great things: 1) FASHION WEEK 2) Carine Roitfeld's new magazine, CR Fashion Book. And even though nothing could ever truly outshine fashion week, runway shows happen every few months — highly-anticipated new fashion glossies launch far less frequently.

The stakes of the September 13 release are quite high: its success would avenge the former Paris Vogue editor's departure (and rumored firing) from the Condé Nast title; its (unlikely) failure would vindicate Roitfeld's former bosses, who have blocked staffers from working on the new project.

The editor has been teasing a series of GIF images in the weeks leading up to next month's launch, and today, the soon-to-be magazine released a video trailer. (I know: first GIFs, now MPGs? How very 2012 of Ms. Roitfeld. One of these days she might even buy a camera phone and figure out what LOL stands for.) Apart from teasing visuals from CR Fashion Book's first issue, the clip gives us all a glimpse of its editor's ambition.

Watch below:

Image Charles Eshelman/Getty