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People Are So Mad That Glamour’s EIC Interviewed Barack Obama

Yesterday morning, WWD broke the news that Glamour magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Cindi Leive, flew to Portland last month to sit down for an interview with our very own President, Barack Obama. People were so mad!

"If the Obama campaign’s media strategy gets any softer it’s going to be sponsored by Downy." —  Doug Powers of

“Can’t wait to see what he thinks of the new fall collection. Next month, the Cosmo interview!” — Jim Geraghty of the National Review.

LOL! That Barack Obama. The entire country's falling apart and he just can't stop yakking away about Raf Simons' Dior debut and 69 steamy sex tips your man will love! Unemployment would be way low if the President actually went to sleep at night instead of staying up until dawn looking at runway photos. Funny enough, George W. Bush, who granted the glossy an interview in January 2008, also had the fashion bug.

The outcry against Obama's chat with Leive is sexist and dumb. The women's vote is crucial to the 2012 election and Glamour has a circulation of over 2.3 million, mostly women. Fashion tends to interest women more than men, but it isn't more trivial than sports. Last month, Obama granted ESPN an interview comparing the 1992 and 2012 Dream Teams; in May, the President submitted an entire bracket to ESPN's college basketball tournament challenge.

Unfortunately, I don't think Obama is going to comment on Simons' first couture collection. Instead, he'll likely tell a couple funny anecdotes about his daughters, praise Michelle Obama's healthy eating initiative, draw attention to his signature legislative achievement, Obamacare, and outline his stance on reproductive rights and marriage equality. The conservative pundits are right: the President's Glamour interview won't be heavy-hitting — but that doesn't mean it'll be irrelevant. It's not like he'll be talking about basketball or whatever.

Image via Alex Wong / Getty