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Stale 3-Day-Old Hamburger Flattered to Be Getting So Much Attention

Part 1

"The New York Times piece by Cathy Horyn on the “must-see collections” … conspicuously omitted some of New York’s biggest players — many of whom brushed off the perceived slight."

"It bothers me…" [Oscar] de la Renta said.

WWD, 9/12

Part 2


"Mr. de la Renta is far more a hot dog than an éminence grise of American fashion."

– Cathy Horyn for The NYTimes, 9/12

Part 3



WWD, 9/14

Part 4:

"I used the term ["hot dog"] in a professional context, as someone showing off his tricks, like a surfer. I thought an ad was a little over-the-top."

– Cathy Horyn in an email to Fashionologie, 9/14


Sad Hamburger by Jelly_Beans42 at SketchFu

12-year-old McDonalds hamburger image via BestOfMotherEarth

Image of 9/14 WWD via Business of Fashion's Twitter