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ODLR vs. Cathy Horyn Pt2: Which Genius Designer Was the First to Pair Cigarette Pants with a Peplum Top?

Tackling the industry's biggest crisis since corporate greed, fashion's newspaper of record, WWD, might have figured out what exactly the deal is with that Oscar de la Renta x Cathy Horyn feud.

If you blacked out everything that happened last week (sometimes it's better to forget), here's a reminder: Cathy called Oscar a "hot dog." He got mad and took out an ad in WWD's print edition, calling her a "stale 3-day-old hamburger." She clarified that she meant "hot dog," the 50s surfing slang term and not "hot dog," the popular sausage dish — so de la Renta (who is, as far as I know, neither living in the 50s nor a professional surfer) should have known what she was talking about and not been offended.

Cathy and Oscar may have beef (sry), but as WWD discovered, there's more to it than animal byproducts. And like everything that's good and pure and true in this world, it all comes down to CLOTHES.

In addition to calling ODLR a hot dog (and she meant that in the best. possible. way.), the Times style writer may have also kind of maybe suggested that the designer's peplum top and shorts pairing was a teeny-tiny rip-off (in Horyn's parlance, "inspired by") of Raf Simons' Dior debut collection, which paired peplum with cigarette pants. How Dare She?, asks Oscar. The designer informs WWD that he was, in fact, the true trailblazer of this fashion trend, since he showed the combination in May as part of his Resort 2013 collection. (Simons' Dior couture show took place in June.)

Luckily, everyone ends up looking like an idiot at the end of this. (I say "everyone" just to be polite. I mean "Cathy Horyn and Oscar De La Renta.") Peplum shirts and cigarette pants are two of the most popular garments of the moment, and combining them is hardly a pioneering move: Giorgio Armani did a version of it last year as part of his Spring 2012 collection; so did Dries Van Noten and Celine; Neiman Marcus is showing the look in their current catalog. Talk about stale 3-day-old hamburgers.

Oscar De La Renta Resort 2013 via WWD