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Calvin Klein Gets FashGif to GIF Up Its Spring 2013 Collection

Even though I always hate to see a "people's medium" like the GIF used as a corporate-sponsored promotional tool, this week on Tumblr, Calvin Klein's been running a neat new collaboration to highlight its Spring 2013 with the clever GIF-maker Greta Larkins of FashGif.

Tumblr, GIFs, and Fashion Week all make this a saleable initiative, but apart from the viral potential or whatever, the best part of this campaign is that it actually draws attention to the label's clothes.

In September, there are hundreds if not thousands of new runway images streaming in every day, and if that's the primary way you experience Fashion Month, you are lying to me if you say you don't at some point lose the ability to differentiate between the different looks. I know FashGif seems cool because GIFSGIFSGIFS #HaveYouSeenThatBlog, but I think it's more than just a toy. Larkins' animations open up the clothes, and show you what's interesting — smart, sophisticated, playful, whatever — about them.


Images courtesy of Calvin Klein