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H&M Strips Down and Erects a Life-Size David Beckham

Would you love to get your hands on David Beckham in his skivvies? Fast-fashion giant H&M lets you do exactly that by showing off larger-than-life statue versions of the English soccer sta in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

H&M recently partnered with Becks on a bodywear line, which is a more in vogue way of describing underwear and lounge clothing. "It's important to me that Bodywear means more than just briefs and Ts. It's about all the pieces I like," Beckham told the Associated Press of his preference for warm and cozy when he's spending downtime at home, you know, being stinking rich and generally fabulous with his designer wife.

Marking the launch of the new line and drumming up excitement, H&M commissioned and erected 6.7-metre tall metal Davids across Canada, with which fans could upload Instagrammed pics of themselves for a chance to win a $1,000 H&M shopping spree and a signed pair of David Beckham for H&M underwear.

The towering Beckhams were on display at the Pacific Centre in Vancouver, the Eaton Centre in Toronto, and inside the Montreal H&M at Peel and Sainte-Catherine Streets. If you were unlucky enough to miss them, then I give you this:


You're welcome. Alongside David Beckham's famous face (and butt/legs/crotch), H&M has also recently enlisted perennial hipster favourite Lana Del Rey as the pouting face of its latest fall women's collection. Her commercials are typically old-timey and emotionless, but looking beyond Lana's blank expression, the cheap and chic clothing is pretty enchanting. Just check out some of the better buys as modelled by Lana:




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