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Watch Lana Del Rey Make Faces at the Camera for Four Minutes and Forty Seconds … Also, Hear Her New Single “Ride”

Lana Del Rey is repackaging Born to Die in a new "Paradise Edition," which will be far superior to the previous "Miserable Mortality on Earth Edition" due to 1) the addition of eight brand new songs 2) lyrics which finally answer the never-before-asked question, "What's the relationship between Lana Del Rey's yoni and Pepsi-Cola?" (Hint: It's not an endorsement deal.)

The new album will be out in the world on November 13, and to tease the release, the singer put together a trailer (above) which shows her making faces at the camera for a really long time to the supersliced new material soundtrack.

Del Rey also released the full audio of one of the new songs, "Ride," from the upcoming album. It sounds like every other song she's ever come out with, which is not a complaint — I like my comfort pop for all manners of adolescant brooding and delusional fantasizing.

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