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Things That Might Have Been in Deborah Needleman’s T Magazine Offer Package

Ever since Sally Singer turned on her heel and was pushed out due to lousy ad sales walked out of the T Magazine offices in August, everyone's been all like, "Is Deborah Needleman going to take her place?" The former EIC of the now-defunct but much beloved interiors publication, Domino, Needleman has spent the past two years editing The Wall Street Journal's style publication, WSJ, which has seen "mad ad growth" as the kids don't say, under her leadership, and it seemed like The New York Times so, so badly wanted her to pick up the pieces at T. Just a week ago, WWD reported that The Times had offered the T Magazine job to Needleman twice, and she'd turned them down both times.

I guess the third time really is the charm, because today's WWD reports that all of T Magazine's nagging paid off, and Needleman's jumping from WSJ's ship to T's immediately.

Speculation about what was in Needleman's Times offer is really … you know, speculation-y. The entire universe is just like, a giant Deborah Needleman love fest. Everywhere I go, people are all, "I love Deborah Needleman." "Oh, I LOVE Deborah Needleman." "You know who I love? Deborah Needleman." So much love in the world!

And so, considering all this love and also considering what a battle it was for The Times to hire her, her T Magazine package likely included something she couldn't refuse. Some possibilities:

  • Immortality.
  • Eternal bliss.
  • Photokinesis.
  • A fountain of youth.
  • A genie in a bottle.
  • A philosopher's stone.
  • A goblet of fire.
  • The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • Sweet dreams.
  • No GIFs, ever.

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