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Burberry’s New Interactive London Flagship

For any of you currently residing in London, you must have also noticed that the new Burberry flagship on Regent Street has been under construction for what seems like forever. It really has taken so long that it was obvious that good old Burberry must have had something rather spectacular tucked up its sleeves, and upon its anticipated launch, we realized that yes, they really did!

Burberry’s gigantic new flagship covers a whole 44,000 square feet. To create a unique audio and visual experience for its customers, it also features 500 speakers and 100 screens inside. If you often find yourself opting to shop online rather than trek all of the way to the shops, then a visit to Burberry’s new flagship will definitely change your mind, as its overall aim is to mirror the interactive digital elements of Burberry online. Expect a truly interactive shopping experience.

The new store will also play host to Burberry Bespoke, where you can create your own individually tailor-made trench coat, and we all know that adding your own personal touch to such an iconic staple makes it all the more of an investment piece. Even the store’s mirrors are technologically enabled to heighten the customer service levels and personalize your shopping experience, as they interact with the garments you try on in order to suggest other items which you may like to purchase.

Are you a bit jealous that you were only able to catch an online glimpse of Burberry’s spectacular A/W 12 catwalk show complete with show-stopping rainstorm? Then you have to pay a visit to the flagship where digital rainstorms periodically play out on the screens and speakers to completely emulate the experience! And this is just the beginning, as live music, events, and emerging designer displays are also set to frequently take place in-store so you’ll easily feel like you’re part of the fashion pack.

Images: Lia Toby/