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How Does One Become as Awesome as Deborah Needleman?

I know plenty of people are rightly disappointed by Sally Singer's premature (if you believe that she was pushed out) departure from T magazine, but I have two words for those people: Deborah Needleman.

The Daily Front Row spotted Needleman fashion week-ing in Paris and forced her, practically against her will, to showcase her awesomeness.

Here's how she responded to The Daily's first question, which was not a question at all but just your run-of-the-mill one word statement of "congratulations!"

"I'm not going to say anything interesting today!"

Are you sure, Debbie? [Note: In the interview, she says she goes by "Deborah" in her adult life, and only refers to herself as "Debbie" when she's being ironic. So even though I just called her "Debbie," don't call her "Debbie!" Sorry Debbie. Ahhhh can't stop.] Because that thing you just said was more interesting than most things people say in interviews.

The Daily kept pushing and instead of disengaging, Needleman just talked about how she wasn't going to answer their questions, in response to their questions!

Any idea who your first cover will be?


Can you give us a hint?

(laughs) No! 

Did you eat breakfast this morning?


How can I be like you when I grow up?

Try harder!


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