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Omigod Hedi Slimane, Stop Talking!

Responding to Cathy Horyn's negative review of his PR table manners (the fashion critic wasn't invited to his runway show) and first Saint Laurent collection, Hedi Slimane decided that instead of taking the high road, he would take the lowest road possible. Following in Oscar De La Renta's footsteps (because it worked out so well?) the designer released an open letter brimming with immature personal attacks against Horyn.

Unlike ODLR, who at least had the good humor to conjure up an inventive insult, calling the critic a "stale three-day-old hamburger," Slimane took a different and boringly embarrassing tack: according to the designer, Horyn is "a schoolyard bully" (yawn), "a publicist in disguise," and her "sense of style is seriously challenged." Pro tip #1: The easiest way to discredit a woman is to criticize her appearance. Keep at it!

Slimane's behavior is at best childlike, at worst narcissistic and dumb: “As far as I’m concerned, she will never get a seat at Saint Laurent, but might get 2-for-1 at Dior. I don’t mind critics, but they have to come from a fashion critic, not a publicist in disguise. I am quite mesmerized she did get away with it for so many years.” And I'm quite mesmerized Hedi Slimane got away with being such an arrogant jerk for so many years.

Reached for comment by WWD, Horyn had just this to say: “It’s just silly nonsense to me.” The critic (rightly) dignified Oscar de la Renta's hamburger insult with more of a response.

Top image via IMAXtree, bottom image via Hedi Slimane's Twitter