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Your Chanel Hula Hoop Beach Bag Will Look Even More Genius When It’s Crusty With Sand [VIDEO]

Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel hula hoop beach bagI'm sorry, I know everyone thinks Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel hula hoop beach bag is super genius, and I get it, really I do! My heart might have actually skipped a beat when I first saw it, but then my brain kicked in and starting using its critical thinking skills for four seconds and then I realized that this bag is a little evil. And I know you might think I'm dead inside for not relating to the … like, joy of Lagerfeld's magnificent creation, but my sense of imagination is allergic to gimmicky luxury goods which cost several times my monthly rent.

And this video interview with Lagerfeld does not endear me to his new leather baby. You're definitely supposed to use it as a beach bag: you stick it in the sand and then use the extra hoop space as a drying rack for your towel or bikini top or whatever other treasured possession you'd like to see dripping on your Chanel bag. Have a good summer!

Image : IMAXtree

[via Telegraph]