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Was Kanye West Too Embarrassed to Bring Kim Kardashian to Paris Fashion Week?

According to The NY Daily News, when Kanye West did all of that RSVP-ing for Paris Fashion Week shows, it happened behind Kim Kardashian's back. (I hope I someday experience what it feels like to RSVP for Paris Fashion Week behind someone's back.)

The rapper and pseudo-designer was reportedly too embarrassed to bring along his girlfriend as a plus-one.

Says an anonymous source that's surely reliable:

“He didn’t think it was good for his reputation. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings.”

The best part of being a celebrity must be living under the delusion that your privacy is anything but a fragile, flimsy thing.

Even though Kanye  cancelled his Paris show this season, the line hasn't officially been discontinued — and the design hopeful did recently release an uncharacteristically well-received line of shoes in collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti. It seems like he still has every ambition to find success with the fashion set.

Image via WENN