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“What’s the Mystery?” Asks Brad Pitt. Let Me Tell Him.

One of the Brad Pitt teaser trailers for Chanel N°5:

  • Who drank my milk?
  • Why hasn't she replied to my email?
  • Why do I keep having dreams about my ex-boyfriend?
  • Who are they going to hire?
  • Why is the lock broken?
  • Ugh why does my computer keep spazzing out?
  • Am I going to have to die before I'm ready?
  • Why is my throat always so scratchy in the morning?
  • Do I expect too much from people?
  • Can I have some money?
  • What's up with adult acne?
  • Why are haircuts so expensive?
  • Would I really be happier if I lived somewhere warmer?
  • Why hasn't my cat been sleeping in my room at night?
  • Am I just not trying hard enough?
  • How do I know what's worth it?