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If You Want to Know What Hedi Slimane’s YSL Looks Like On a Person, Look at Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is now the first known non-model to have worn Hedi Slimane's debut Saint Laurent collection, which showed on the runways at Paris Fashion Week last Monday. Slimane's first attempt at womenswear wasn't well received by fashion critics (buyers, on the other hand, were far more positive about the clothes), but Lady Gaga distinguished herself as one of the designer's most vocal supporters early on, even taking her cheerleading to Twitter:

Monsters, check out @hedislimanetwit garments for YSL this season … a true punk visionary. Modern, forward, LA VERITE.

Yes, "THE TRUTH" is exactly how I would never describe the Saint Laurent 2013 collection. But here's some actual truth — a fact, even, confirmed by The Daily Mail: apart from her hat, which mimics Slimane's show styling but isn't a YSL original, everything Lady Gaga's (visibly) wearing in the included photo is so hot off the runways it's gotta be giving her burns.

But the overall effect? More like, burning my eyes. I think there's too much fabric and it's too black. Where's a normal person supposed to wear something like this? To a coven meeting?

Image via Getty Images