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Questions “You” Should Ask Kristen Stewart at Her Balenciaga Live Interview

Next Thursday at 8 p.m., public apologizer Kristen Stewart will answer questions "submitted by you" live on the Balenciaga fragrance site, as part of her contract with the brand's Florabotanica scent. The interview will be exclusively about Stewart's "collaboration with Balenciaga," and don't worry — the fragrance company publicists will ensure the half-hour is exactly as boring as you'd expect by pre-selecting only bloodless questions and, if neccessary, "submitting" their own.

Since the interview will likely steer clear of any and all subjects unrelated to Balenciaga, I can't even encourage you to ask if Robert Pattinson leaves wet towels lying around (idk, I'd just be curious to see her answer that), but here are some KStew x Balenciaga questions that could lead to vaguely interesting answers:

  • What are the terms of your contract with Balenciaga?
  • What was the negotiation process like?
  • As a smoker, is it weird to represent a fragrance?

Actually, no. I don't care at all. I could go the rest of my life not knowing anything else about Kristen Stewart's Balenciaga contract, and I don't think I'd even notice.

Image via WENN