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You Could Also Be Shopping Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2013 on Moda Operandi Right Now

I know it's hard to let go, but each of the four major Fashion Weeks has ended and you're just going to have to find something else to enjoy about this fine October Friday. You could take a walk or read a book. How about a seasonal treat? Have some apple cider.

I know what you're thinking: "Life can't be all walks and books and apple cider, Nika! There are other things."

Too true! There are also computers and trunk shows and gorgeous patterned overlays for the person who would rather buy Fashion Week than get over it.

Image courtesy of Calvin Klein

I'm a small fortune short of being that kind of person, but if you aren't: 1) Give me some money. 2) Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2013 is just one of the many fashion week offerings available for pre-order on Moda Operandi and you could be shopping it right now.

The collection went on sale yesterday with many of the now-familiar pieces we saw at the September show. Yes, you can now own* that controversial conical bustier (I am a fan!), but more importantly, you can buy the black patterned lace-like overlay (worn by the model to the right of designer Francisco Costa in the picture above) and tell me about it if you want to make me jealous.

The item is listed for $9,995 and sold separately from the cream strapless dress ($3,795) which completes the look. I never said my envy came cheap.

*Sort-of-own: the item won't ship for several months.