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Hackney’s Fashion Makeover

To be really honest, the Hackney district doesn't generally have the greatest of reputations, but it does seem that the area is finally getting a much needed revamp. Not only was it home to the British Film Institute’s film festival at the weekend, it’s also been exclusively revealed that officials are planning on transforming the area into a luxurious fashion destination. In fact, they are set to inject a huge £5 million into the venture. The kind of news that we’d like to hear every frosty Monday morning!

Already home to Burberry

Hackney is already home to Burberry’s factory outlet located on Chatham Place just by Hackney Central Overground, which continuously welcomes droves of international tourists who are looking to grab a British heritage bargain. The sad truth of the matter, however, is that after they've finished splashing their hard earned cash at Burberry, they immediately leave the area, as there are currently no other appealing luxury stores within the vicinity. Though fashion designers JW Anderson, Giles Deacon, and Christopher Kane do have their design studios located in London’s east end, that’s not very helpful information for those tourists who are on a shopping mission! 

Image via IMAXtree

What’s the plan?

Firstly, a brand new Pringle store will open next door to Burberry’s factory outlet, and then, the facing derelict railway arches will be transformed into retail spaces and cafés. Undeniably, this newly created fashion hub will emulate that of the Bicester Village, and will definitely pull in the shoppers.

What else does Hackney have to offer?

Hackney is also typically defined by its struggling creatives, as of course, it’s one of London’s cheaper areas to live, and so emerging fashion designers alike tend to initially establish themselves there. For those of us shoppers who don’t have that much cash to splash, Hackney is also a great spot to grab a bargain, or even visit an alternative fashion show, where the garments are actually affordable with no need to remortgage your house as to make a purchase!