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Australia’s Getting a Customised ASOS Collection

Last Thursday ASOS wrapped up the last of its three runway launch events celebrating Australia's obsession with online shopping. In a first-ever for the brand, the soon-to-be one billion sterling company is launching region-specific lines, and since an Australian shops ASOS once every seven seconds, it only makes sense that we’re rewarded for our fiscal spontaneity by being the first country ever to get a customised collection.

In Your World consists of three Australia-specific collections: ‘Beach,’ ‘Salon,’ and ‘House Party,' with the first two geared at the ladies and the last at both sexes (actually House Party is technically all menswear, but it does include a really very unisex Emma Mulholland meets Keith Haring meets Fresh Prince backpack).

The three collections also get rid of our perennially annoying season clash with the Northern Hemisphere, fast-tracking trends from the recent spring shows into swimsuits, dresses, and separates. Beachwear is all about short shorts, kimonos, paisley, embellishment, and excellent sandals. There’s a pair of rubber-soled neoprene “Pool Slide” sandals for the brave, and a series of flat leather sandals that will make your inner Roman-wearing school kid very jealous indeed. ‘Salon’ plays it relatively safe with florals, silk and more embellishment in a variety of sweet housewifey silhouettes.

The three lines are available to purchase until the end of October, then you’ll have to go back to raking through 1044 styles of winter frocks to find something sun-appropriate. Not that that has ever been much of a deterrent in the past. 

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