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Rihanna “Love[s] to Have Fun” on the Cover of Vogue

Last week, a tweet from Rihanna broke the news that she'd posed for the second Vogue cover of her career. Over the weekend, a scan of the promised issue showed up online (the TFS Forums credit the image to a Rihanna fanpage on, the "fast fashion" equivalent of Facebook in the Russian-speaking world).

This is another Annie Leibovitz production (Vogue is so good at fresh ideas) with some key differences: for this shot, Rihanna traded in her flowing red hair and sheer mermaid-cut Chanel dress for a black pixie cut and a little red Valentino number. 

Even though I can't figure out why someone would wear Valentino in a wheat field, I do like the texture of the background, visually, and this does seem like a standout Vogue over (in that, it actually stands out and doesn't look like all the others). It's just, Vogue would be way better and more interesting if it weren't made by the same four people month after month after year after year — or if those four people would at least strive for some conceptual coherence.

Have you read the cover copy? The teaser text for Rihanna's interview is "I love to have fun," which is unbelievable because that's the most boring cover line I've ever read.  Dear Vogue: if that's the most interesting thing Rihanna revealed to you, over the course of an entire feature interview, spare me.

The other cover lines include clever word play ("What to Wear Where") and under-the-radar cultural references ("Fifty Shades of Pink: Fashion's New Fetish"). Welcome to the freaking fun house.

Image via TFS Forums