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Hey, Look! Scott Schuman’s in an Ad Campaign for the Ford Escape

Street style photographer and Sartorialist blogger Scott Schuman, one of the most controversial figures of the online fashion world, signed up for a guest spot on Escape My Life, a web comedy campaign series which spotlights the Ford Escape.

Each episode stars actress and comedian Natasha Leggero as Skylar, a Hollywood wardrobe designer, and actor Joe Truglio as Barry, the weird vagrant that came with her car. It's an ambitious series, chock-full of the kind of in-jokes and meta-references which characterize some of today's most popular television comedy. In the clip below, Skylar meets The Sartorialist on set and is so intimidated to be in the presence of one of her heroes, she pretends to be British. Antics ensue. And yes, some of them involve her Ford Escape.