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Miranda Kerr Goes Platinum Blonde and Pantsless for Italian Vogue

Miranda Kerr Vogue ItaliaThe David Jones darling with a penchant for going topless is again vamping it up in the name of high fashion, this time for Vogue Italia’s October issue. Only this time she’s not just topless but topless and blonde, and also frequently pantsless too.

The spread by Tom Munro, titled ‘A Real Beauty’ shows Miranda Kerr switching up top and bottom nudity with metallic, snakeskin, and a variety of different textural furs. She’s also debuting a platinum blonde wig that (duh) looks completely gorgeous on her despite obviously being completely fake, and is basically just being a real life advertisement for an 80/20 diet consisting primarily of coconut water. Evidently the grainy black and white photography is for artistic purposes only, since Kerr has nary a single flaw on her entire body despite giving birth to a 4.42 kilogram whopper of a baby just over a year ago.

Being Vogue Italia, all the quotes are, understandably, in Italian, but we assume they say something along the lines of roses and sunflowers never being able to be like each other. But with pictures like this, who needs words? No wonder RUSSH is so proud to have her home. 

Miranda Kerr Vogue Italia

Miranda Kerr Vogue Italia

Images: Fashion Gone Rogue