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Brad Pitt’s Chanel N°5 Ad Gets a Much-Deserved SNL Spoof [VIDEO]

Brad Pitt's Chanel N°5 video spots were, to put it kindly, so, so embarrassing, and Saturday Night Live didn't pass up the opportunity to spoof them. The sketch comedy show turned out four parody videos lampooning the actor's now notorious fragrance campaign.

Three of the parodies have Pitt shilling niche, and very un-Chanel poducts — Taco Bell, dog condoms, and Dr. Zizmor's tattoo removal services — but the most successful clip stays close to the original commercial script.

Shot in stark black and white, comedian Taran Killam's shaggy sad guy hair and dumpy button-down make him a dead ringer for Pitt in the Chanel commercials. But the clip does more than spoof Pitt, it shows him as a victim of the incoherent concept dreamed up by the creative team behind the N°5 ads:

"It's not a journey, every journey ends but we go on. The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear and dreams take over and the dreams wake up and smile at reality— I'm sorry, is there really no script? Because I've been talking to myself for two hours straight and I'm starting to sound insane. You want me to sound *less* coherent? Okay. I can just start making up words. You like that? Okay."

Watch it!