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Prabal Gurung Is Getting a Target Collab And Other Things I Don’t Care About Today

Cool young designer Prabal Gurung is doing a Target collaboration as cool young designers are wont to do and it'll hit stores on February 10 and items will retail from $19.99 to $199.99 and then everyone with at least $20 of disposable income could conceivably have a little piece of fashion from the Nepalese designer that won the heart of Kate Middleton and fashion editors and buyers worldwide.

Also, tonight there's an episode of Gossip Girl and also the final presidential debate and they're going to discuss foreign policy and tomorrow we'll get to talk about whatever tomorrow's version of binders and Big Bird will be and also we'll talk about what Michelle Obama and Ann Romney wore because fashion blogs aren't allowed to have opinions about the other stuff and actually Ann Romney wore a swimsuit at the beach today and it's totally creepy that she was photographed on the beach and it's even creepier that I'd actually wear her modest Mormon swimsuit in a heartbeat.

And also I've had the same cold for five days and I have not been able to answer email and I don't want to tell you what happens when someone calls me on the phone because it's just embarassing and there was a mosquito trapped in my bedroom last night and my horoscope has been dead wrong for months now.

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