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Yes, Fashion People Are Children But Also These Actual Children Are Really Cute [VIDEO]

Get ready to be charmed, revolted, and confused all at the same time, as you watch child actors impersonate some of the most public of fashion's public figures. 

Fashion and lifestyle website The Coveteur (which photographs extremely attractive and fashionable people in their natural — and enviable — habitats) put together "The 'Mini' Coveteurs," a short film-thing, to celebrate its redesign, a radical new face characterized by, according to WWD, "a new logo and twice the number of photos." Hashtag bombshell. 

But whatever the impetus was for creating this video, I support it. At long last, we get to see Anna Dello Russo and Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour and BryanBoy and etc. in child form, finally realizing fashion's greatest fantasy: aging backwards.