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Hey, Everyone: Stop Letting Terry Richardson Take Your Picture!

Terry Richardson is perhaps the most beloved creeper in the world, a total genius at taking unremarkable and repetitive pictures of models and starlets as sexual objects. It's also been alleged that he might belong to the "Maybe this shoot would be going better for you if you were touching my penis? Just saying…" school of fashion photography. Still, he continues to get so much work we can comfortably call him one of the most successful photographers in the industry.

"But he's Terry Richardson," people say to me when I complain about him. As if that fact had somehow escaped me, as if him being Terry Richardson weren't the whole of the problem. 

I'm just really disappointed to see this new shoot he did for GQ Style, with the boys of Girls. Not because it's boring (but it's totally boring, btw), but because Girls is supposed to have 1) standards and 2) industry clout: unlike some struggling model hoping for a big break, someone either at the show or at HBO could have asked GQ to *hire another photographer.* I'm sure it would be hard to find a replacement, but I bet an enterprising intern could track down another New York City-based pro to take some goofy portrait shots in front of a white wall. 

Image via Terry's Diary