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Are We Ready for a Courtney Love Designed Clothing Line?

British fashion e-tailor, Net-a-Porter is rumoured to be exclusively stocking Courtney Love’s debut fashion collection, Never The Bride, when it launches later this year. The musician posted photos on her official Twitter page as a teaser of what’s to come. Plus, in true Love style, she’s explained that each dress comes with a ruby bearing the swearword C*** inside the hemlines. Well, what else would you expect?!

Courtney Love’s debut fashion collection, Never The Bride

What's the Collection Like?

The collection is being described as Grunge-meets-Victorian, with the 48-year-old herself confessing that the range is exactly what she would wear if she were a little younger. In fact, she actually told the Huffington Post that if she was to wear her collection these days she’d look like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Perhaps, it was for this reason that the images of the collection published so far have all featured the model Chloe Norgaard rather than the musician herself, but there’s no denying that the collection, styled with fishnet stockings, Twenties’ style headbands, and Dr. Martens boots has got Courtney Love written all over it — as well as that other horrible C word, of course.

Courtney Love’s debut fashion collection, Never The Bride

Interestingly, the range also evokes Love’s ethical values, as the entire collection has been created from recycled vintage clothing — that’s right, pre-loved stuff. A trend that just seems to be ever increasing in the UK, and why not if the material is still good enough to transform into a great new outfit? You’ll be able to take your pick from the more casual tiered skirts and crinkled tops, or vamp it up in a gothic style gown. The perfect pieces to emulate Love’s own personal style and channel that Nineties grunge trend once more. 

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